Star Player Award Rules

The Star Player Award is based on most points awarded by judges during the area finals to finals games, acknowledging conduct, team skill and individual skills.

Star Player points only accumulate from the area finals to the finals (inclusive). Points are awarded to three players on each team, with a value of 3 points, 2 points and 1 point.

Points should be awarded on the following criteria:

  • Conduct
  • Team Skills
  • Individual Skills

1. Players receiving a red card at any time from the Area Finals onward do not qualify for this award.
2. Players receiving a yellow card in any match from the Area Finals onward do not qualify to be awarded points in that match.

Judges may be:
1. An individual or a panel nominated by the:
a) Area Manager b) The President or c) A member of the Executive Committee
2. A competent independent person acceptable to both coaches
3. A competent independent panel acceptable to both coaches
4. The coach of the opposing team
5. The referee who may be assisted by official assistant referees
1. Judges are to be appointed and agreed to, prior to the commencement of the game.
2. Coaches are NOT to judge their own team.
3. Coaches are urged to complete this section so as not to jeopardise a player’s chances of winning the Star Player Trophy. It is possible for a player to accumulate enough points to win despite the team being eliminated before the final has been reached.
4.  Star Player Award points must be recorded on the official form that can be printed from this website. Phone calls or scraps of paper will NOT be accepted as this prestigious award will need to be checked at all levels for accuracy.

Star Player Award Form