Amadou Keita

September 10, 2011

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WESTFIELDS Sports High football program is arguably one of the best around within the schools sector.

Comment by Greg Danvers — Bill Turner Cup Media Manager

Looking through the past winners of the Bill Turner Cup and Trophy, up-and-coming players in the A-League and W-League along with the national team programs there are plenty of names that have been students at Westfields.

At this year’s finals series there was plenty of talent to watch – from all six schools and eight teams – stars of the future were on display.

The quality of the football was there to be witnessed by all that ventured to ‘Wembley Stadium’ – Jack McLaughlin Field for the ‘FA Cup’ – Northern NSW Schools Soccer’s Bill Turner Cup.

One young man that took my eye was Westfields’ Amadou Keita who demonstrated many football qualities that bely his tender age.

Amadou Keita (r)

Amadou Keita (r) in the Bill Turner Cup final

Amadou is in year 8 but his football ability is by far a long way ahead of that.

Is it the coaching he receives? Is it his upbringing? Is it a natural gift? Is it hard work on his behalf?

Yes would have to be the answer to all four questions.

Amadou arrived in Australia as a refugee of Guinea in West Africa about five years ago and is waiting on Australian citizenship – I say grant it now. He would not look out of place in Australian colours in a national youth team. Nor would he look out of place in an A-League club’s colours either.

Click on the link to hear Amadou Keita story.

The interview was conducted on the final day of the Bill Turner Cup finals series.


In a footnote to all our valued visitors to the Bill Turner Soccer website – thank you for supporting a great event.

Over the next 12 months the site will be tweaked for your enjoyment.


Greg Danvers

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