Hunter crowned inaugural Murray Wever Memorial Shield Champions

September 2, 2019

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By Greg Danvers

HUNTER Sports High Bill Turner Cup Boys team were crowned the inaugural Murray Wever Memorial Shield champions with a 4-2 win over Lambton High at Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility on June 27, 2019.

Pictured below are Murray’s parents Berend and Beverly with Hunter Sports’ captain Mackenzie Alexander.

The Murray Wever Shield was struck to honour, not only Murray, but Belmont High’s 1-0 win over Whitebridge High in the very first Bill Turner Cup in 1979 staged at Wallsend’s Crystal Palace.

Murray’s parents along with the 1979 team captain Mark Leatham, goal keeper Mark Williams and manager Mark Smith attended the match.

“I never thought the Bill Turner Cup would get this far,” said Mark Smith.

“In those days it was simply a Hunter Region event and I didn’t think anything like today would come about.”

Pictured below are Belmont High’s 1979 captain Mark Leatham, manager Mark Smith and ‘keeper Mark Williams.

Hunter Sports High, contestants in this year’s National Finals Series, have since recorded wins over Maitland Grossmann 4-0, St Pius X 3-2 and Byron Bay 4-0.




Murray Wever 29 – 16 November, 1964 to 21 June, 1994

Murray scored the winning goal for Belmont High School in the 1979 Bill Turner Cup.

He played football from the age of seven with Valentine FC.

Murray died as the result of injuries sustained in a car accident.

His last match, for Leichhardt Police Citizens Youth Club, was on the day of his tragic accident.




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