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History of Bill Turner and Cup and Trophy competitions

Executive Committee




+ to provide a major knockout soccer competition for younger players in all secondary schools.

+ to promote the game of soccer with all of the attributes of a team sport.

+ to provide for a social interaction which would not otherwise be available, especially in some of the more remote areas of the various States.

+ to promote enjoyment in the playing of a sport as a healthy activity.

+ to encourage appreciation of the value of cooperation in democratic practices, the obligation of citizenship.

+ to provide an atmosphere that encourages the individual to have a sensitivity, respect and concern for the needs, feelings, opinions and interests of others as well as oneself.

+ to develop a sense of the need for responsibility, self discipline and self development.

+ to uphold the high health standards as required by all school systems against the use, in any form, of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

+ to provide opportunities for, and to encourage the development of the skills of each player, so that they may reach their potential both mentally and physically.

+ to establish an environment in which all players may receive training in intelligent decision making and what it means to be a member of a team.

+ to appreciate good play by opponents, as well as that by their “team mates”.

+ to develop proper attitudes as a spectator, respecting all participants, be they players, officials or referees.

+ to develop a sense of loyalty by the player to their school as part of the local community, sharing in the responsibility as a contributing member of society.