Team Sheet forms
Bill Turner Cup
Bill Turner Trophy

Note: This is a 2 page form. Both pages must be used together.

Squad Sheet forms
Coaches/Managers must verify their players age from school records.
Use this form to write your squad’s names and date of birth.
Bill Turner Cup Squad Sheet
Bill Turner Trophy Squad Sheet

Player Award Information
Star Player Award – Rules
Bill Turner Cup Star Player Award Form
Bill Turner Trophy Star Player Award Form
Spirit of Football Award – Information

Permission Note for Coaches to send to Parents – Sample
Statement by a Supplier
Info for Coaches 2022
Contacting Your Local Media

Rules 2022

Entry Forms 2019

Schools are sent forms to re-enter the competition at the end of each year.
All new entries : Please contact your State  Manager  – click on the contact us tab.

Bill Turner Cup Handbooks
Handbooks are no longer printed, as all information is available on the website.

Area Manager Additional Resources

Sample Schedule Gala Day

Certificate of Appreciation PDF (print out and write on)
Certificate of Appreciation word document (can be edited – type over sample text)