Bill Turner Trophy (Girls) 2024  Area 12 Sydney Central


  1. Schools will be divided into two groups, based on geography- North and South.
  2. Normal Bill Turner rules will apply. Matches must be played by these dates.
  3. There are to be no draws. Extra time and penalties as per Bill Turner rules.
  4. Three points are for a win, none for a loss.
  5. The two group winners will play off in the area final with the winner entering the main draw in the Round of 16.
  6. The second placegetters will play off, as will the third and fourth placegetters.
  7. Should schools be level on points at the end of the group matches, the following criteria will be used to determine the final positions:
    1. Head to head results
    2. Goal difference
    3. Highest number of goals scored
    4. Best result against the fourth team, should three teams be unable to be separated
    5. Toss of a coin/ draw from a hat by the Competition Manager


Group A                                                                                        Group B

Round 1   10/05/2024                                                          Round 1  10/05/2024

The Hills (6) v Bossley Park (0)                                               Hunter (9) v Matraville (1)

Central Coast (1) v Westfields (7)                                           Endeavour (2) v Mamre (0)

Round 2   31/05/2024                                                     Round 2  31/05/2024

Westfields (5) v The Hills (0)                                                   Matraville (0) v Endeavour (5)

Bossley Park (0) v Central Coast (3)                                       Mamre (2) v Hunter (9+)

Round 3   14/06/2024                                                     Round 3  14/06/2024

The Hills (2) v Central Coast (1)                                               Endeavour (3) v Hunter (2)

Bossley Park (0) v Westfields (6)                                             Mamre (2/2) v Matraville (2/1)

Round 4  28/06/2024

1st  Westfields (4) v Endeavour (0)

2nd The Hills v Hunter

3rd  Central Coast v Mamre

4th  Bossley Park v Matraville


Group A



Group B






Winning coaches must communicate results to the State Manager Lindsay Hewison Ph 024342 3668 after each match. Completed team sheets to be forwarded to him within 24 hours.

Coaches/Managers – please use the new Team Sheet available under the downloads tab. Matches must be played by these dates.