Matilda’s World Cup Campaign

June 25, 2011

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From Sydney Morning Herald 25/6/2011

TOM SERMANNI isn’t a dreamer. When you’re raised in Cumber-nauld, a grim satellite suburb of Glasgow so unflattering that its entire town centre once received a public nomination for demolition, it doesn’t pay to get too far ahead of yourself. But Sermanni can sense something special in the wind, and it’s a feeling he’s finding increasingly hard to ignore.

Seven years after he took over the coaching duties of the Australian women’s football team, the Matildas, Sermanni can see the stars aligning. The catalyst will be this month’s World Cup, to be hosted by Germany. With 800,000 fans likely to attend and more than 150 countries expected to take television coverage, the hype surrounding the sixth FIFA Women’s World Cup is tipped to take the game to a new level. And that, according to Sermanni, will be the inspiration for the Matildas to try and change the way the game is perceived here as well. Hence the excitement.

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