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September 6, 2013

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By Greg Danvers
Bill Turner Media – Manager

ALICE Munro is an athlete coaches enjoy coaching – one with the determination to succeed, skills to play the game as well as the ability to find the way to win matches.

Hunter's Alice Munro, in white shirt, duels with Westfields' Lorena Bugden, who was named player of the Bill Turner Trophy final.

Hunter’s Alice Munro, in white shirt, duels with Westfields’ Lorena Bugden (player of the Bill Turner Trophy final).

Last month, in Lismore, Alice – played for Hunter Sports High against Trinity Catholic College – took the game by the scruff of the neck in the first half to net a goal. The goal slowed Trinity’s advances and then in the second half Alice scored the winner for Hunter to progress to the Bill Turner Trophy finals series.

As is the case, in any team sport, one player doesn’t make the team a champion team but every team needs players who are there for the common cause – Alice Munro is one of many that have played and made valuable contributions to the Bill Turner Cup and Trophy this year.

Alice took the time to talk with Bill Turner Media after the Trophy final, won on penalties by Hunter; listen to what she shared

Images of Alice Munro in action.

Name: Alice Munro
Age: 15
School: Hunter Sports High
Year: 9
Positions: 6,7,8
Programs: Emerging Jets


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